1. E

    Lighthouse at Acadia

    Hi everyone, I was hoping to get some feedback on this shot. I've been working on improving my landscape editing workflow and trying to simply accentuate the colors, lighting, etc. that I saw when I took the shot. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks! 6530 version 2 by Jeffrey Lee, on Flickr
  2. itsjustbreality

    Newbie Looking for Some CC!

    Hello! I am new here. I posted an entire book about my photography experience in the welcome forum (haha), so I'll spare you the details here. Long story short, I've been exposed to photography here and there, but just started taking it seriously. I'm a serious hobbyist for now with the...
  3. itsjustbreality

    Your Input Needed!

    Accidentally posted in the wrong place! I'll get this figured out. :)
  4. japvdk

    glacier crossing

    I really like this photo of a group crossing a glacier on the slopes of the Wildspitze in tirol, but I think it could be better. Maybe by cropping? Would love to hear you guys inmput.
  5. vato_loco

    C&C on a portrait please

    This is a portrait from one of my last sessions. I'd love some C&C on it and see how I could improve it. Thank you! Sofia by Eugenio Teran, en Flickr
  6. spmakwana

    C&C required for my photos

    Hello, I want some C&C of my photos so I can improve my photography. Below is the links. All shots are taken with my average Point and Shoot. So they are originally very soft I can't do much about that. Sunset HDR Sunset Lotus Flower Fort HDR Mount Abu