1. Flavio

    Change ISO while recording video

    Hello, I have a Fuji X-T20 and just found out that I can't change the ISO while recording video. Is this common in most digital dslrs? Is this feature not important in video? Thanks in advance!
  2. theLincster

    From fashion to sports, suggestions for changing genre?

    For 7-8 years, my wife and I focused on model, fashion, individual and family portraits, and wedding photography. A couple of years ago, we sold all of our equipment and thought we were doing the right thing. Now we are sorely missing it and are considering getting back in, but this time we're...
  3. MVPernula

    Which Sony A7 to get

    Heya! I just sold off my D800, D5100 and lenses to compress my excessive collection of stuff I don't use. This was done in order to get a mirrorless camera, and Sony is as far as I can tell the only manufacturer that produces "cheap" FF mirrorless ones. My mind is set on the A7ii. With the...
  4. G

    Admins / Moderators, help please!

    I no longer want my account for this site and have discovered upon reading across the forum that you cannot delete your account. I am ok with this and I am going to change the information on the details page to random text, however I do not want my name to be visible due to security reasons and...
  5. nicolasnico

    Selling pictures & post-processing?

    hi everyone, my question: if I sell my picture (or give them), does the person who buys (receives) the picture has the right to edit the picture in post-processing? In my opinion, one you've post-processed your own picture, you have the right to tell others not to change it and make it look...