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    New too photography. Lens choice????

    I’m newish too photography. I have a a6400. (Aps-c mirrorless) Current lens I’m using as a all arounder is the kit lens 16-50mm 3.5-5.6 And a 18-105mm f4. G oss Sony lens My primary focus for this current lens pickup is for Wildlife photography. Birds in flight. Stuff at long reaches...
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    Choice of camera: beginner

    Im new to photographing and i wonder what camera i should choose as a starting camera. the price has to be around 750$. Im interested in nature photography, and are going to use it in bad weather. I also want a camera that is good to make films.
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    Fuji x-t20 or Olympus om-d e-m5 mark II

    Hello everyone, as in the topic - I am about to buy a photo camera and considering these two. The lens for the Olympus is 14/42, pretty dark one, and for Fuji I was proposed 18-55 f. 2,8-4. Could anyone give me any constructive feedback? To add, I am intested in the street photography and...
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    Need Help!

    I want to start photography and I want to buy a camera. Since I have a small budget, I can only buy a used DSLR. I found two Nikon D5300 in which I'm interested, but one comes with 18-105 mm lens and other with 40 mm micro lens. Can you tell me which one should i consider buying and what are the...