commercial photography

  1. A

    Good 35mm in-studio situation/ using an external flash.

    Hey! I am looking for a new 35 mm camera that I can use with my Mamiya rz67 in studio situations with flash. Until now I have been using my Pentax me super, but I have been dealing with lack of sharpens in the lens and issues with the shutter sync. I really want to invest in a new 35 mm, that...
  2. B

    Help photographing some "interesting" objects NSFW

    Hey everyone, I'm glad to join the forum and looking forward to becoming part of the community here. I've been a part time product photographer for about 5-6 years now. I currently started a new full time position for a sex toy company as their photographer and retoucher. I'm halfway decent...
  3. Evansmitty

    Building a commercial photography department

    I posted here last night about licensing for an in-house photographer at an ad agency. Now that I feel a little more informed I am going to being a plan to build an in-house photography department at the ad agency I work for here in Florida. We are a fairly large agency (50+ employees) but do...
  4. Evansmitty

    Questions about being an in-house photographer at an agency

    I work at an ad agency in Florida. I do a lot of video editing and occasionally photography. Photography is my true calling and what I'm best at so my goal is to eventually shift to doing that full time for the agency. The current problem is that the agency doesn't push photography at all and I...