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    What camera would you recommend for £100 $127?

    Hello, my question is What camera would you recommend for £100 $127? As I need a camera that has a nice zoom and compact and can good photos with an optical zoom. I am going to watch All Elite Wrestling at Wembley Stadium London 90,000 seats on August 27, and I am sitting in the middle second...
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    Help me figure out what camera this is!

    Hi all, I am brand new to the forum! I will admit, I mainly came on here for help figuring out what kind of camera is in this photo. It is not a detailed photo at all but I thought there might be enough clues to narrow it down. Why do I need to find out what camera this is? I bought this point...
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    Cheap compact digital cameras with good flash capability?

    Apologies if it isn't entirely in the spirit of the forum to be seeking a cheap camera with basic capabilities! To explain, I generally use film for more 'creative' photography, but a digital camera can of course be useful in many situations. I have a compact Kodak camera that's sometimes OK ...
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    How can one use a compact camera to take portraits like professional photoshots of models/singers/performers? For example: in a professional photoshot a small size, say 3R in vertical (portrait) orientation, could cover entire head and shoulders with minimal background (back and sides of...