What camera would you recommend for £100 $127?


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Aug 15, 2023
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Hello, my question is What camera would you recommend for £100 $127?
As I need a camera that has a nice zoom and compact and can good photos with an optical zoom.

I am going to watch All Elite Wrestling at Wembley Stadium London 90,000 seats on August 27, and I am sitting in the middle second tier of the stadium.

So need a camera which is suitable.My spending limit is roughly £100 $127?.

Any help appreciated


Farhan (London)
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G'day mate

Firstly - Welcome to the Photo Forum -- you will find plenty of others here with similar interests as yourself

And to answer your Q ... maybe for such a small amount you could find a pretty good camera at your local second-hand shop. Plenty of photographers upgrade to more expensive kit and offer their oldie to the local shop doing pre-loved equipment

Hope this helps
Check out KEH.com, this will give you idea of what that will buy.
For $127, I'm not sure you can get much. I'd hold off till I could spend more hoping for not only a better camera but one with a longer life span. I've had a number of point and shoots, carry them in a belt pouch to get photo's of my dog's in the field. A Nikon S6900 did a really good job for about a year then started having problems with it. Put it aside and got a Canon, can't remember the model number, about $300 and it also did a good job for me, for about a year and gave up the ghost! Now I got a Panosonic Lumix zs 100. Don't know how long it will last but seem's like a well made camera, better than any before it. Pain in the butt learning to use it. Bought it used and the programs inside were all messed up buy the first owner. Got everything reset and shoot simple as I can and now not the first complaint about it! save your money and get something better! Or get the inexpensive one and expect it to last so long and your into an upgrade. Save some more money for a better camera though, you won't regret it. The Panosonic ran me $430 used at 9+ rating. new it sells for $597. You do need to get a card and there is inexpensive one's and expensive ones. An expensive one won't make you a better protographer.
For $127, I'm not sure you can get much. ..... Now I got a Panosonic Lumix zs 100. ....... An expensive one won't make you a better protographer.
Hi Don

1)- I agree with your first & last sentences - excellent advice
2)- As a strong user of Panny cameras, I have created a series of PDF docs on setting up and using them. If you would like copies, email me for a list "[email protected]"

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