1. NGH

    Is shared online "published"?

    I'm have been looking into registering my images for copyright and I understand that there are a couple of options in regards to whether they are 'Published' or 'Unpublished'. It seems to be a grey area whether sharing online is considered as Published. I'm still looking into this but so far...
  2. Caroline Hilty

    Need help with image license/usage rights and consent for TV documentary.

    Hello, I am new to this Forum. I was recently approached by a TV network to use images that I photographed for a Documentary that they are producing. Back story, the photos are of a missing couple that I photographed in 2006. I photographed the couple as a freelance assignment for a local to...
  3. Red_Jade

    How to price your photo work (publications)

    Hello friends, I have just signed up today! May I seek your thoughts/advice how to price your photo work, on a per image basis? I am a hobbyist (from the Philippines) and recently requested by a publisher for the use of a photo work for a text book. I wanted to give it for free as the textbook...
  4. P

    Real Estate Photography Copyright Scenario

    I work as a real estate photographer in Australia, currently trying to move from predominantly sub-contracting for someone else to directly contracting to real estate agencies. Not sure if it's different elsewhere in the world, but down here, it seems to be pretty common practice for agencies to...
  5. P

    IPTC Copyright Info URL

    I've been revamping my metadata lately, and so I was wondering, what do you folks put, (if anything) in the IPTC Copyright Info Url field? From what I can tell from Google, there's not much of a consensus, some photographers just list their website, others a link to a contact form, and still...
  6. chrisbattista

    release forms,US vs International?

    It was said to me long ago that there should be different prices for releases and rights to print and distribute in the US vs Internationally... I'm not sure about this, and I need to understand it better. I shoot mostly with bands, mostly for promo's and albums. I have 3 albums that have been...
  7. N

    Usage rights and is a blogger classed as press?

    I'm in a bit of a tricky situation and struggling to find an answer so hoping someone here can help! I have two main queries... 1) I was assigned to photograph for a hotel - general area shots, staff, etc for which I have assigned the hotel "all media: print & digital, worldwide territory and...
  8. davidbeckphoto

    Do I own my profile picture?

    US copyright law says the photographer retains the copyright to the images, but what makes someone "the photographer" of a given photo? I didn't press the shutter button for my profile pic for this forum, one of the models did. But I was directing the shoot. In the photography world, people...
  9. nicolasnico

    Selling pictures & post-processing?

    hi everyone, my question: if I sell my picture (or give them), does the person who buys (receives) the picture has the right to edit the picture in post-processing? In my opinion, one you've post-processed your own picture, you have the right to tell others not to change it and make it look...
  10. P

    Pricing help - For the use of my fine art photo for limited copyright

    Fellow proffesional photographers can you give me some advice? I was contacted by an art consultation company in Sri Lanka that has a client interested in purchasing my fine art photograph to use in 41 of their rooms in a 5 star luxury hotel there. They want to get a quote from me for a...
  11. T

    Legal Question

    Hi, I had a question I'm sure someone here knows the answer to: Am I legally allowed to take a picture of a restaurant or bar's sign from a public street, and then sell it printed as a matted photo or on a coaster? I will not be trying to license the photos to be published. I am assuming the...
  12. S

    Have you ever thought about copyright of your own photo?

    Hello guys. I just want to know whether you guys are concerned to share your own phto without copyright issue. If someone use your photo without notice, or If someone use your photo with notice, is there difference between them? Do you think photos in this forum or on the web that we can...
  13. NathanLands

    Showing my startup, Blockai. We're helping photographers claim their copyrights.

    see post below. -'Stache
  14. KAmorphous

    Wrong Forum: Disregard.

    Sorry, wrong forum, guys. I thought this was a professional photographer community. I was directed here, but I was looking for Photographer's forum magazine.
  15. D

    Need help with copyright & licensing issue

    Hi all, So I took pictures at a sport event, basically it's the only freebie I do (did), because of my love for the sport (and I do the sport myself). Recently I found out that my photos are being used in promotional materials to promote the upcoming event next month without my permission and...
  16. footballfan993

    Copyright Transfers

    Hi everyone, so I thought of a great idea for a thing I'm doing. So I'm a nude model for my university's art drawing classes. On Monday I and a friend have decided that she would bring in her pet snake and I would model while holding the snake. I thought that it would be a cool idea to have...
  17. footballfan993

    Doesn't have to do w/ photography, but still important.

    So, I don't know if this is the right area, but the description of this thread does include legal advice. This doesn't have anything to do wit photography, but still has to do with copyrights, but for video games. Well today I got an email from my internet service provider (ISP), Charter...