1. A

    Nikon D700

    Hi guys, I'm a hobby photographer who has been shooting for a little over a year. I'm ready to upgrade from my Canon Rebel T6. I have a friend who is looking to switch systems, and he is offering a Nikon D700, 50 1.4G, 85 1.8D, Sb-600, and battery grip for 500. From what I can see online, it's a...
  2. ruifo

    Random Macro Shots

    Macro photography is this such amazing space (for me, at least). It's like researching and discovering hidden details everywhere.... Here a few random macro shots. Enjoy! Other shots in here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ruimc/albums/72157642068924275 1 Happy first birthday by ruifo, on...
  3. ruifo

    D700 shots, still rocking in 2016

    Still getting excellent results from the Nikon D700 in 2016. Great colors, all around. Still quite good for night shots and portraits as well. A true legend... https://www.flickr.com/photos/ruimc/albums/72157673702105676 Otoño Azul by ruifo, on Flickr Adler Planetarium Skyline Walk by...
  4. ruifo

    Cityscape at dusk (with "brand new" D700)

    With a "brand new" D700, that I recently got. Serial number from around 2011, and less than 6000 shutter actuation. D700 + Nikkor AF 85mm f/1.4D @ f/2, 1/100, ISO 1400 D700 + Nikkor AF 85mm f/1.4D @ f/2, 1/100, ISO 3600
  5. M

    70-200 or 120-300 f2.8

    i have a Sigma 120-300mm f2.8 no OS and am control atone selling it so I can buy a 70-200 OS F2.8 lens. The brand will either be a Nikon or Sigma. I have a Nikon D300s and Nikon D700. Should I sell my 120-300 to finance the 70-200?