1. G

    Nikon D300S Dark View Finder and Photos Please Help

    I hav a D300s with under 14K shutter counts. Currently will not take any of my DX or FX lenses (dark view finder and pohotos). As a matter of fact, it only works with a 20mm F2.8 AF Nikkor lens. Live view is also dark with DX lenses. Dark photo shows with DX lens, bright photo with 20mm F2.8...
  2. primefactor123

    Haunted Forest

  3. michakac

    Tripod, old wardrobe and me

    Hello :), I had a free day a nothing to do - here are the results of my boredom: 1: 2: 3:
  4. Vieri

    Different take at Durdle Door, Dorset

    Having photographed it from sea level quite a few times, on a stormy weather day I decided to go for a different point of view. This is Durdle Door from above, taken during one of my Workshops in Dorset last spring. Leica S, Leica Summarit-S 35mm and Formatt-Hitech Firecrest filters. Thanks...
  5. Flavio

    Lumpini Park at night, Bangkok

    Long exposure of the Bangkok nocturne cityscape reflected in one of Lumpini Park lakes. Thank you for taking the time to observe my photograph and read this brief description.
  6. Jcederroth94

    shooting a Stadium event, help

    so recently I got hired as a photographer for my school. shooting events, speakers, clubs... tonight I am shooting an event in the basketball stadium that consists of speakers, stage acts, and videos. I have no information other than the name of the event location and time so I have no idea...
  7. kristianhenderson86

    which lens should i buy?

    hello everyone!! im new to photography and am wondering which lens to get. I currently have a canon 80D (body only) on its way via royal mail. I want to take specific photography, night time street photography to be exact. I have posted some pictures below to give you an idea of the type of...
  8. michakac

    Dark Fairy Tale

    Hello again Here are some photos from my latest photoshoot with Agnieszka Nowakowska: 1: 2: 3: 4: And extra one: Mostly I used sigma 35/1.4 and pentacon 50/1.8 - maybe samyang 85/1.4 also - I was too lazy to change the manual lens exif in my d700 so it's inappropriate in some of them. I...
  9. Samuel.z


    I got inspired by some abstract artist can't recall his name though but he had similar work to this. so i tried to shoot something similar and it turned out pretty cool. but i was not sure what parts i should've highlighted. what parts did i miss? what parts should not have been included? i'd...
  10. ryanator777

    31 Days of Halloween

    2015 https://flic.kr/s/aHskkSLL3J 2016 https://flic.kr/s/aHskKMQscP
  11. C

    Need PS editing help with dark, grainy photos taken at night

    I took a set of maternity photos at night and in the rain with a Canon 7d mark II. The first problem is I didn't save my pictures in raw files so the jpegs are all I have. Most of them are very dark and when I lighten them to a certain extent they get grainy. I've tried to then smooth them over...
  12. I

    Dark corners on rear LCD of Nikon D7000

    Hello all. I have just signed-up in this forum. I am in need of your help. I have a Nikon D7000 and I have been using it since 2012. Everything was working fine. Suddenly yesterday, I saw that the rear LCD is showing some dark shadows. All four corners have this dark shadow but the shadows on...
  13. EhJsNe

    For Sale: 12 Reel Stainless Steel Developing Tank With Reels - $95 OBO

    Hey guys. I used to be fairly active on this forum. It's been a couple years and I've since pretty much stopped doing anything with film. When I do, it surely isn't a lot and I have a 12 reel tank that gets much more use than this beast. This developing tank holds 12 35mm reels or 6 120 reels...
  14. D-B-J

    Something Different | A Moody Landscape

    "Subdued" I went out to Diana's Pool in Chaplin for what seemed like the 20th time, with the intent of trying out my new tripod. I decided to go at it a bit differently, and with the trees still being pretty dead looking, I knew I wanted the final photo to be dark and moody. RSP_1529 by...
  15. T

    How do I take photos in pitch black?

    I recently bought my camera (Nikon D7000), and I always wanted to take pictures of the stars. However, I cannot figure out how to make the camera take the picture. I think that when the camera can't find the depth of view or something to focus on, then it won't take the picture. Therefore, when...
  16. Be Someone Photography

    Lightroom Concert Photography Tips

    Hey guys! Sorry if there's already a post about this, but I was wondering if there was anyone out there that edits concert photos regularly. If that's you then YAY! Do you have any tips/advice on lighting in concert photos? I know some people like their subjects dark and the lights really...