1. C

    D800 SD card slot replacement

    Hi all! The SD card slot in my D800 has stopped working. How expensive is it to get it replaced? Is it difficult to replace myself? The D800 is starting to get old, so if I were to break it it would not mean the end of the world. SHMBO might agree that I could get a new mirrorless?? :P
  2. DIY Watch

    DIY Watch

    Wrist Watch DIY
  3. J

    DIY Macro Flash Diffuser Video Tutorial

    Hey Everyone, I use two different flash diffusers which I want to share with you. The way they can be created is very simple and the results are really awesome. One can be used actually always, especially when you have to get very close, the other one produces light coming from all directions...
  4. petrochemist

    Affordable DIY mod. 50mm 1.2

    Inspired by a post on I've brought a 50mm f/1.2 projector lens & mounted it in an old helicoid. For the princely sum of $10 (+ postage) & a few hours in the workshop I now have a working f/1.2 :-) frankenlens 1 by Mike Kanssen, on Flickr The rear of the lens tube had to be removed to...
  5. C

    Converting a DSLR to Full Specturm (Infrared)

    After recently acquiring an old Nikon D70s, I decided to delve into the world of infra-red photography. Last year i experimented with putting an IR pass filter on my Sony a6000 kit lens and doing 30s shutters to see what IR only light looked like. As you can expect, the results were...
  6. M

    How come film lights are so pricey?

    I've wanted a film light for my dslr camera for some basic filming and photographing. And it seems to me that film lights are just led lights, which leads me to the question, how come they are so darn expensive? I know they vary widely in price but still I'm not quite sure what you get in the...
  7. A

    Setup for simple apparel photography

    I have a online clothing boutique and I need a simple & cheap way to photograph my inventory. What's the easiest away to achieve results like the image below? As of right now I'm going to just be taking pictures of the clothes on hangers, not on mannequins or people. I have a white backdrop...
  8. James Broome Photography

    Large Ring Light DIY - Youtube tutorial

    I searched High and Low to try to find a tutorial on how to build a ring light. I could't find one anywhere so I thought I would make one myself! I'm absolutely rubbish at presenting so please go easy on me :-) I thought it might be useful for some of you guys on here who are keen diy'ers and...
  9. jackcollings

    Darkroom sink advice?

    Hi guys, Looking to build my own sink for the darkroom for both B&W and colour developing. It will need to be made out of plywood then painted with marine paint and then covered with a waterproofing coating. I've drawn up a rough design to scale of 1:100 but I'm a little stuck with the size...