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Large Ring Light DIY - Youtube tutorial

Nov 21, 2015
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I searched High and Low to try to find a tutorial on how to build a ring light. I could't find one anywhere so I thought I would make one myself!

I'm absolutely rubbish at presenting so please go easy on me :)

I thought it might be useful for some of you guys on here who are keen diy'ers and photographers!

Feel free to comment.


I love DIY, and it looks like you've done a great job, 'though as Buckster mentions, there's LOTS of info on this already. I'd be very interested in seeing some numbers though; have you worked out an approximate GN for this? It doesn't look to me as though it's putting out a lot of light....
Hi, James! Thank you making the video.

Now that you've done that, I would be very interested in how you arrived at the size and light fixture requirements. In addition to the GN, as Tirediron has mentioned, how is your design better than all the other DIY ring lights? I have seen several examples, including the videos on how to make them, but I have many questions about what one will end up with.

For instance: Why have it so large? Most ring lights I've seen are not much larger than half the diameter of yours.

Secondly; why do you want spots of light as opposed to a smooth diffused ring of light?

Thirdly; What is the light color in degrees K?

Fourth; how much does this version cost? I would need to compare the cost of the homemade version to one that I can buy.

And frankly; any DIY'er will already know how to cut and drill wood, so you can skip all that tedious measuring, sawing, and drilling. We really don't need that. What we need are 1) what to buy and 2) why are we buying it.

That's it.

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