1. S

    Durst L1200 METAL PLATES CLS501 Laborator 1200

    Are these middle plates necessary to the function of the Durst Laborator 1200? I have two models of Durst L1200, one has the middle plates and the other recently bought, does not Does this affect anything with the enlarger?
  2. E

    Hi Thanks for having me on here!

    I have a question straight away but I should give a little background first. I have inherited my father's Durst m700 enlarger with a colour head and various other equipment. I used to help him develop enlarged prints and film in the 70s. He won a Minolta competition once and was a member of the...
  3. Ted Vieira

    Setting Up a Durst M 370 Color Enlarger

    Hey, I'm completely new to darkroom printing. I acquired a Durst M 370 and a variety of other darkroom supplies including a GraLab timer and a Durst TRA 305N transformer. My question is, in what order do I connect these three items? I'm in the US, is the transformer necessary or can I just go...
  4. W

    Any interest in DURST Laborator 1200 & Multigraph?

    Hello everyone. I am posting here because I am selling all equipment from my girl friends dark room. Besides the DURST Laborator 1200 and Multigraph there is sinks drying racks and more. The dark room was built by her parents for her for 50k and she only used it a few times before she decided...