1. RecorDingPing

    Is This one enough?

    Hi , I usually take photos with my iPhone or occasionally with a point and shoot ( which i almost abandoned because it has similar image quality to my iphone). However, to continue with my photography studies I feel like the iphone´s manual it's not enough anymore. I´m searching for a camera...
  2. D

    Entry level camera for filmmaking

    Hello there, so this is the issue. I'm trying to start filmmaking and videomaking and I'd like to buy a good camera for this purpose; right now I own a Nikon D5300, not bad for photos but not as good for video, so I wanted to upgrade. What I need is a good filming camera that also makes decent...
  3. D

    Buying my first reflex

    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and to photograpy. I'd like to purchase a reflex (until now I've tried only a compact camera and some entry level at school), but I'm not entirely sure of my choice. I am looking for a not-too-much expensive camera and I was thinking about the Canon EOS 1300d. Did...