1. B

    Pinhole + expired film

    Hi there! I've been shooting only digital for many years and I'm very rusty on film, but I recovered a handmade pinhole camera ( made of cardboard! f should be about 180) and I found some old film rolls I haven't used yet, Ilford D100 and D400 Professional (black and white 120) expired in 1998...
  2. NGH

    Can't see a thread showcasing shots on expired film, so....

    Show me your shots taken on expired film; colour, black and white, anything goes. Here's a few to kick things off... A place to sit by Nigel, on Flickr CarrotRoom-68360019.jpg by Nigel, on Flickr Paint by Nigel, on Flickr
  3. S

    Expired ektachrome 100 in 1996

    Hello everyone, I am going to shoot with expired ektachrome films this weekend, which is intentional, and makes sense for the concept of my project. It expired in December 1996. I am expecting to do some or a lot of job with photoshop in terms of color balance. My only concern is...
  4. Judeamarco

    Expired T64 Fujichrome

    Hello! I just found out a local art college has a huge stack of T64 Fujichrome that's been sitting in the freezer and its been expired for 7 years and are selling it for $3 a roll(I'm in Canada, $3 is a freakin' steal). I have access to E6 development but I just want to ask if I should rate it...
  5. rexbobcat

    More Film: Agfacolor Portrait XPS 160 (expired 2001)

    I had to do A LOT of shadow defogging in Lightroom. The latitude held up really well, though, thankfully. I shot it at ISO 80, which seemed to work pretty well. The fogging was so bad in this one I "salvaged" it with b/w lol A comparison: It's probably not true to what the film...