Pinhole + expired film


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Feb 27, 2021
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Hi there!
I've been shooting only digital for many years and I'm very rusty on film, but I recovered a handmade pinhole camera ( made of cardboard! f should be about 180) and I found some old film rolls I haven't used yet, Ilford D100 and D400 Professional (black and white 120) expired in 1998 and stored at room temperature. I'd like to use them but I'm afraid of exposure times. The calculations are complex but could anyone give me any tips? As for the pinhole camera I just remember that ISO 100 in direct sun is ½ sec and in partial cloud is 1 min.
Thanks in advance.
I personally would not use film that old for this project (I do not use old film anyway). That old of film is going to have a heavy base fog from sitting that long. If you must use it I'd recommend Kodak X-Tol developer at a 1:1 dilution to help ease the fog.

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