family photography

  1. NGH

    Looking for photographer on Big Island Hawaii

    Hi My family and I are going to the Big Island, Hawaii at the end of this month and looking for recommendations for a Photographer to take some casual photos of us ideally on the 1st September. Anyone here in Hawaii or know someone. Thanks in advance
  2. T

    Start up lights for studio, family and portraits shots.

    Hi, about to buy my first lights. Wondering if ive chosen the right ones. Thinking of buying Godox V1 and Godox AD200pro. Then build from there. Would that be a nice start or should i choose something else?
  3. somyasood

    how to get started career in Photography?

    hi, After completing studies, how to begin carrier in photography?
  4. T

    Family photos gone bad...

    I am using a Canon Rebel T6 50mm 1.8 lens. I used this lens in all these pics. Now, the pictures with only one person turned out great! Then when I get the group together the back person is always a little blurred. This picture was taken in Av mode at 4.0 aperture, ISO 800 and 1/2000 shutter...
  5. Katie9715

    Family Photography with Teens?

    I'm a relatively new photographer, certainly new to anything with profit involved, and seem to have been thrown into the deep end. A couple weeks ago, I forced* one of my best friends into posing for portraits so I could expand my portfolio. He and his mom loved the pics and she wants me to do...
  6. S

    Canon T3, upgrade or not to upgrade?

    I have had my Canon T3 since it came out years ago. I have recently started to take pictures of strangers and them wanting me to do shoots for them, however I am a bit skeptical and bit embarrassed at the age of my camera, I have read so many posts about people aiming for high end cameras, but...