1. Giuseppe Torcasio: Family Portrait 1970

    Giuseppe Torcasio: Family Portrait 1970

    Giuseppe Torcasio: Colorized Family Portrait 1970
  2. Fujidave

    The Watcher

    Just taken and put through C1, hardly an edit. X-T3 + XF 50mm f2
  3. Rancor12

    About to book my first paid shoot

    Hey Everyone, I hope this is the right spot for this. I used to have an account on these forums and frequent daily, but stopped for some reason years ago, so I'm a little out of practice on using this place as a tool/guide. Anywho, I'm about to book my first paid shoot with a friend of my...
  4. Fujidave

    JJC Extension Tube Old Slide

    Well I have had a quick go, the old slides really are in a terrible state, but I will get my favorites done a lot better. X-T20 + XF 18-55mm and extension tube 11. My late father, Mum and my brother and me in the back garden in our home in Australia.
  5. PersistentNomad

    Heirloom Photography

    So, I have been so super busy lately between starting my own photo biz, working at the retail studio, helping manage my boyfriend's business and taking care of our baby! I mean, I know women can do it all, but usually we don't do it all at the same time! ;) Anyway, we had a nice relaxing...
  6. koleks

    Mother & Son

    This is my wife and youngest son that was shot at a resort. Comments and critiques are welcome please :-)
  7. koleks

    My Only Girl

    A pic of my daughter in our porch. Sony A6000 / 86mm / f5.0 / 1/150s / ISO500
  8. koleks

    Portrait Lights

    Playing with lights. Is cropping to get the frame you like okay? Comments will be very much appreciated. Sony A6000 / 24mm / f2.2 / 1/200s / ISO1000
  9. koleks

    Black & Wife

    Have been lurking around for quite sometime now and decided to sign up and be part of this group. I am fairly new to photography and mostly shoots family, occasional landscape and almost anything that interests me (mostly at home). Anyway, what I liked from this forum is most are...