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Sep 1, 2016
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New Britain, CT
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So, I have been so super busy lately between starting my own photo biz, working at the retail studio, helping manage my boyfriend's business and taking care of our baby! I mean, I know women can do it all, but usually we don't do it all at the same time! ;)
Anyway, we had a nice relaxing Thanksgiving and I was able to photograph some heirloom photos for my baby, Charlotte. Her only living paternal great-grandparent, Irma, made the arduous journey from New Rochelle to New Britain to see her! So, I snapped a portrait of Irma by herself, with Charlotte, and with the ancestral line between the two (Charlotte's father and paternal grandmother). In hindsight, I wish I had taken the time to rework the background, like straightening the picture frames and taking down the empty one. Otherwise, I'm so glad to have these pictures!
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Nicely done; these will probably become some of the most important images you've ever captured.
Family photos like these become more valuable over time! It's a good thing that you made these photos. I really do not mind the empty frame on the wall behind the couch all that much.
You have to print it and put the photo in the famed frame! Epic.

Sometimes, such as this, you just have to gst the pictures. Many times with family situations it may be easier to get out of photog mode, but it is important to pay utmost respect to our elders.
Thanks everybody! As an update, I did the photos on the my side of the family as well. :)
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