1. cinimodphoto

    Stepping out of my normal bounds

    So I typically do landscape, nature, mountains, and animals. I lately though have been spreading out cause where I currently live I am not a fan of the "landscape" here and was getting burned out. So I started going out at night doing what I called "Nighttime Moments", so here is some of my...
  2. cinimodphoto

    Palm Beach County

    So I live in the Palm Beach County area looking to meet up with other photographers to just do photo walks. I am currently working on starting a podcast where I talk about random stuff I am into including talking during some of my photo walks but would love to have friends to go out with on...
  3. DesireeP

    Exploring lakes and back roads in Florida.

    Living in Florida has its ups and downs but if you're able to find that one special road that leads to the middle of nowhere you're bound to find beauty wherever you turn. Enjoying the solitude while I explore and take some photos to practice shooting in manual. I turned my Black and White...
  4. Squa7ch2112


    We took a trip to Florida last week and these are a few of my shots. Love me some shorebirds. All taken with a Canon 7D Mark II and Tamron 150-600mm f/5-6.3 G2.
  5. Squa7ch2112

    Just a few in-flight shots from vacation.

    We took a trip to Daytona Beach, FL last year and I had a great time shooting all the various shorebirds and managed to grab some in-flight shots as well. It was a little precarious shooting Pelicans in waist high water with all the waves but weather sealing helped with that...now the sand was a...
  6. mdsphotography

    Some other B&W's

    Thought I would share a few more with the Forum and thanks for looking. Seems like a real nice group of people. C&C welcomed[/ATTACH]
  7. M

    Four from Fisheating Creek, Florida

    Hey guys, I recently explored Fisheating Creek. It's a stated favorite among many Florida photographers, and I can now see why. The place is amazing. I can't believe it took me so long to go check it out! Will definitely be back. Several more photographs to process but here is the first four.
  8. M

    Return to Harbor - Key Biscayne, Florida

    To me, few views are more peaceful than this one. This view is looking over Biscayne Bay, from Key Biscayne, Florida. My opinion probably has a lot to do with personal sentimentality. My extended family jointly owns a boat which is parked at this marina, and this is the view we always get after...
  9. Dragster3

    Irma Pics WPB FL

    Gonna start posting some Irma pics from West Palm. I don't know were its gonna hit, so this thread might be a dud ...
  10. Mike Hernandez

    Baby Ducks in the Shore

    Three little ducks in the shore of the Indian River in Melbourne, Florida
  11. M

    The White Watcher - Mizell-Johnson State Park

    This photograph’s title is admittedly a little bit silly. The “White Watcher” of the title refers to the Sabal Palm in the foreground. I was scrambling around Mizell-Johnson State Park, trying to find the right foreground to frame the dramatic sunset, when I saw this tree. For some reason, the...
  12. M

    Four from Whiskey Creek, South Florida

    These are from my first time exploring this section of Whiskey Creek, which provides easy access to a nice tidal mangrove estuary. I scoped it out in midday, to get to know the location before trying for photographs which may require trekking in darkness. While softer light would be nice, the...
  13. SpedaleJr

    Modeling on PCB beach

    My first post to the forum. I hope you enjoy the photos from our 2017 Beach bash event.
  14. M

    Sunny Summer Day at Whiskey Creek

    Von D. Mizel -Eula Johnson State Park is a beautiful place to take in some of South Florida's various coastal ecosystems. Pictured here is Whiskey Creek, a tidal estuary flanked by mangrove forest on one side, and sand dunes on the other. Ecosystems like this are important as a nursery for young...
  15. M

    Wash, Rinse, Repeat

    The simplicity of this sunrise forced me to focus on other senses besides vision. Usually, when watching sunrise from a beach, the second-most salient sense would be hearing. When you are on the beach without all the crowds, you hear so many noises you usually can’t. The main one which comes to...
  16. M

    Last Shot Before the Rain

    Last Shot Before the Rain This is a photograph of Whiskey Creek, in Von D. Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park, Florida. I set out to explore the mangroves once I thought that the storms had finished for the day, but it soon became clear that there was one last storm in store. I listened to it get...
  17. PersistentNomad

    Revisiting some old friends

    A few of the threads on here have me nostalgic for the abundance of interesting wildlife in Florida, or just the more open environment to shoot them in. So, I thought I'd share some of my greatest hits.
  18. Cash1

    Naples, Florida

    Sunset in Naples, Florida.
  19. M

    Mystic Swamp (Fakahatchee Strand)

    Mystic Swamp The swamps of South Florida have a peculiar type of beauty. Most people see scenes in great photographs or documentaries, and find it paralyzingly beautiful. But then they come, and usually are quite disappointed. Take this scene, taken in Fakahatchee Strand, near Janes Memorial...