1. Gridiron Football

    Gridiron Football

    Gridiron Football hit rear window
  2. F

    Best decently priced lens for shooting near and far fast action football on 80d for beginner

    Hello all. I am a beginner purchasing a 80d for basically the sole purpose of shooting kids sports also with video. I am looking for recommendations on lens’ to fit my needs for fast action shots. Most of them are from a good distance away. Let’s say 30 yards or so. But I sometimes also like to...
  3. F

    Advice on photographing night sports

    I'm trying to improve my photographing of night sports. I use a d7100 (just bought a d7200) with a Tamron 70-200 2.8 (a009). I was wondering if there are some tips anyone could provide. I enclosed a photo to show an issue I am dealing with (learning to overcome). These two pictures were...
  4. Gridiron Victoria: Cat Bouwhuis

    Gridiron Victoria: Cat Bouwhuis

    Gridiron Victoria: Croydon Rangers Cat Bouwhuis making a tackle
  5. ronlane

    FNL - 1st round of the play-offs

    Pretty much at the last minute, I got a change of plans. I was supposed to go cover a team about 1.5 hours away but ended up not having to go. So that left me open to go about 20 miles to see my High School team play their 1st round game. It is a small school and the lighting at most of those...
  6. ronlane

    FNL - week 10

    Last regular season game. Still trying to get passes for the play-offs. This field has the best lighting that I've had all year. Sorry that this one is a little photo heavy. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8)
  7. ronlane

    FNL - week 9

    One more week and then the playoffs. Still working on getting credentials for the playoffs so hopefully that will come through and I'll get a few more weeks of shooting. This weeks game was a lesson in persistence, I had to hang in there to get some images. It was the first time all year that I...
  8. mickeyc95


    hi everyone as you know i am not a photographer. i came across this lens at work and would like to get more information on it. if someone can tell me where to go get more info that would be awesome! also like where i can maybe even sell it. like i said not a photographer sorry for the low...
  9. mickeyc95

    HELP! what kind of lens is this???

    I am sorry if i am posting this in the wrong section. However, I am not a photographer and I have this huge lens from work. I would like to know more info about it and where I can possibly sell it. Like I said I'm not a photographer sorry for low quality pictures. thank you
  10. Gridiron Victoria: Edward Ebinger

    Gridiron Victoria: Edward Ebinger

    Edward Ebinger of the Western Crusaders
  11. Gridiron Victoria

    Gridiron Victoria

    Gridiron Victoria:South Eastern Predators vs Melbourne Uni Royals
  12. Gridiron Victoria : Madeline Kop

    Gridiron Victoria : Madeline Kop

    Madeline Kop