fujifilm x-t2

  1. thebasedsloth


    Its cold outside!! Tested a new retouching technique on these, using curves tool to dodge/burn out imperfections instead of crappy frequency separation.
  2. nerwin

    Oh Hello Mr. Dragonfly

    It's been many, many years since I've last taken a picture of a Dragonfly. A friend of mine (who is a photographer) said once you find one and it if it flies away, just wait. They always come back to the same spot. That's exactly what I did in this case and sure enough, it came back to same...
  3. J

    Fujifilm or Nikon, mirrorless or dslr?

    hi guys, this is a long thread but I hope you'll find it interesting enough to read it all ;-). About a week ago I chose a secondhand fujifilm x-t2 and a 35mm f2 over a Nikon d500. The problem is that I'm second guessing my choice even though the x-t2 is amazing. I would like to hear your...
  4. J

    Please help me choose a camera

    Good morning Day Evening First off thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully respond to yet another " help me I don't know what camera to buy" ;-). If you don't feel like reading skip to: IN SHORT I'm 17 years of age and would like to buy my first own camera. I'm...