go pro

  1. H

    What camera should i buy

    Hello, im a beginer photographer/filmmaker and would like some tips on what camera to buy. I work on a golfcourse and would like to take some nice pictures/videos on everything here. I like to travel and scuba dive and would like to use the camera when i do thoose things aswell. I've been...
  2. Tailgunner

    Colorado Winter drive Gopro 4 Black 4K

    This sub-forum seems a stagnate, so I figured I would post some stuff. I'm in the process of switching out my Gopro 4's for Gopro 5's...including a modified 5. In the mean time I figured I would post up a video I shot in Boulder Colorado driving up Flagstaff mountain and ending at Boulder's...
  3. K

    2 devices

    sup guys..I'm kinda new to all this things but I wanted to take videos and photos when I travel around the world..I'm not gonna spend alot of money on devices but I was wondering If buying a GoPro HERO session as my main video device while hiking mountains,walking in the cities and just walking...
  4. JeremyD

    Go pro issues, need help!

    my go pro dropped from two stories high and still works well and records footage! I was lucky. However when it dropped my front screen display stopped working for the mean time but not to worry since my back LCD display still works well so I can see my footage, play with settings, etc etc...
  5. Everglades1


    Up for sale is a buyers remorse lol. We bought this GoPro from Best Buy thinking it would take nice pics well it does but not in 4K like the videos. The videos are awesome 2.7k & 4k are just wow. We just had a newborn and thinking this cool technology with fish eye and everything would be...