Go pro issues, need help!


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Jan 9, 2013
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my go pro dropped from two stories high and still works well and records footage! I was lucky.

However when it dropped my front screen display stopped working for the mean time but not to worry since my back LCD display still works well so I can see my footage, play with settings, etc etc.

However today I accidently turnd the LCD off and now I can't turn it back on since I can't see on the front display. When I click the buttons I assume I am going through the settings but I am un aware of what menues I am in and what settings I am on so it's all random guessing.

Does anyone know of a "reset button" or any way around this?

I was think if go pro always go's to the same menu when you turn it on, so if so I could turn my go pro and another one at the same time and click through the front display menu on the working go pro and when I click on that one I do to the broken one. But that would only work if go pro starts at the same menu, if not it's all guess! :$

Thanks guys, I appreciate it.
check the manual
and press the appropriate button based on the features you want to do based on the manual.
That might be your only way to turn on the rear LCD.
or send it in to get repaired.

you may also want to provide the specific model that you have to get more specific answers.
It's a go pro 4 silver, thanks! I'll look into it.
You can call GoPro customer support. They were pretty helpful when I had a problem. They walked me through a bunch of different troubleshooting options.

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