1. C

    For Sale: Elinchrom Rotalux Octabox (135cm / 53") - $170

    Elinchrom Rotalux Octabox (135cm / 53") in great condition. Comes with both inner and outter diffuser and carrying pouch/bag. This octa costs $300 new without any speedring. I am including a Bowens mount with this sale....already installed.
  2. K

    Godox VL150 Review

    If you are looking for a good constant Studio LED, check out this light. I reviewed it recently and could prove useful! Cheers.
  3. T

    Start up lights for studio, family and portraits shots.

    Hi, about to buy my first lights. Wondering if ive chosen the right ones. Thinking of buying Godox V1 and Godox AD200pro. Then build from there. Would that be a nice start or should i choose something else?
  4. S

    Godox / Flashpoint Streak Light

    I'm considering another battery pack bare bulb flash. Several years ago a came into a Quantum Q-Flash T-2 and bought a Turbo 2X2 battery which have served me well. The battery has reached the end of its life and factory refurb will run $80-$100. The flash is very old technology and while...
  5. S

    Aloha from Kailua Kona, Hawaii

    Aloha, I just joined the group. I'm a photographer from Kona, Hawaii. I'm portrait photographer with Surf City Images. I specialize in Hawaiian beach portraits, underwater portraits, and headshots. My gear: Sony A7Rii, Sony A7, Sony A99, Godox ad200, Godox ad360, Ikelite housing for Sony...
  6. k.udhay

    Godox AD600 - Wireless remote compatibility between Nikon and Canon

    Hi, I am planning to rent a Godox AD600 flash unit [ GODOX PHOTO EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD AD600/AD600B ] to try with HSS for the first time. The lender has the wireless triggers compatible with canon and sony cameras. I have a Nikon (D3200) and want to use off-camera flash and specifically for HSS...
  7. B

    Godox/Flashpoint 1200W Bulb and HSS speedlight slave mode

    Hello guys,im new to the forum,in fact is the first photography forum i entry. I own a Godox AD600B Strobe and in my knowledge the bulb on that is 600w.I found on amazon and on ebay Bulb's for the ad600 with 1200w power.Is it possible to work and if its work will divide my battery to half shots...
  8. L

    Expensive flashes cheap camera or mid range camera cheap flashes

    hello everybody. Recently i build home studio and the only thing missing is the strobe flash kit. I have a 2600$ budget and i have 2 choices now. the first one is to stay shooting with my Canon 600d and get a hensel integra mini flash kit ( a 300w/s and a 600w/s) which is priced 1650$ here in...