help me

  1. K

    Help me identify the model of this camera

    This camera has no serial number whatsoever, i tried looking up on google but that was useless, need the help of an expert.
  2. Z

    Can Sony keep up in a profesional environment?

    It ends here. Canon REFUSES to inovate. It seems like Canon's latest and greatest is Sony's and Panasonic's 2014. Innovation and reliability are most important to me. I'm right on the edge of the Canon ship, nearly ready to jump. After watching dozens of YouTube videos, I still can not...
  3. D

    Gray distortion? Can anyone please tell me what this is

    I took this about 30 minutes ago. I've never seen this before and I would really like to know what it is. It looks so funny.
  4. adutchtraveller

    I NEED A CAMERA!! Any help?

    So hello! My name is Danny Mellema, a traveller from the Netherlands. I am of age 20. Soon I will be departing my country on a trip across the globe. With this, I would like many extreme quality pictures for my blog and instagram. To capture perfectly the tall, fierce mountain that stands...
  5. G

    Zenza Bronica ETRS body - now what?!

    Hi! I received the body of a Zenza Bronica ETRS from a pro photographer friend, and wanted to know what the best way is to proceed from this point forward. To be clear, I only have the body and stock flip up viewfinder. I am aware that at the very least I would need a film back, and a lense...