1. Samuel.z


    I got inspired by some abstract artist can't recall his name though but he had similar work to this. so i tried to shoot something similar and it turned out pretty cool. but i was not sure what parts i should've highlighted. what parts did i miss? what parts should not have been included? i'd...
  2. redbourn

    Is burned out sometime acceptable

    I took this photo today and it's burned out on the right hand side. However I see many photos that have something similar. I can't lower the whites anymore without causing artifacts. Comments and advice would be very welcome. Thank you .. Mike's Best Baked Honey Chicken Tenders Chicken...
  3. redbourn

    White highlights in food.

    The food can be improved but what about the photo ? The white highlights in the image ? Are they OK ? Or how to avoid them the next time I shoot the food ? Thanks ..