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    Can anyone identify this camera?

    Hi! A couple of days ago we found this old camera that used to belong to my grandfather. Now I've searched the internet trying to find out which camera this is, but couldn't find anything. It has a Kodak Anastigmat Ektar lens and says something like "Ontarloc" on top of it, but my Google...
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    Sports Photography in Gallery

    Hey, I might have an opportunity to display some of my art in a gallery soon and I need some advice. I have photos of action shots in various sports as any sports photographer should have, but I want to shoot a series of photographs that have a gallery appeal but a sports feel. Possibly like...
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    Help identifying another camera equipment piece

    I've acquired another camera piece any help identifying it would be awesome.
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    Help identifying camera equipment

    I have yet another unknown camera equipment piece and any help identifying it or estimating it's value would be greatly appreciated.