1. Markw

    720nm Infrared-converted Nikon D800 Body

    I'm switching systems, so all of my equipment has to go! I purchased this camera new three years ago, and as of today it ha 39,972 actuations on the body. It was converted to 720nm by Kolari Vision and has done me very well! It's in practically new condition. I've attached some photos taken...
  2. psaltis

    SOLD: Fujifilm X-M1 (full spectrum) infrared (IR)

    For Sale Fujifilm X-M1 (full spectrum) infrared body and L-Plate - $325 I purchased this camera about a year ago. I enjoyed shooting with it. But decided for my old eyes, I'd be best suited by a body that has an viewfinder and have recently bought an IR converted X-E2. So this body is up for...
  3. I

    Overcome Washed-Out Element in Digital Photograph

    Hello, Brand new guy here who needs advice. One of my trail cams took several late-night photos of a vehicle, the license plate of which is completely washed out. (I presume this is due to the "reflection" from the IR elements.) I would dearly love to reveal the plate number but do not know...
  4. P

    ZEISS Planar 85mm 1,4 ZF-IR Infrared?

    A question for the ZEISS users. I have a very good condition ZEISS Planar 85mm 1,4 ZF-IR (for nikon) lens that I recently acquired. This lens was discontinued and I cannot find it anywhere online! Does anyone know the value of it? Looking for help, thanks a lot! Jake
  5. M

    IR photography

    Hello forum! So ive recently discovered the curious and interesting world of IR photography and I would love to give it a go. So before i go out and buy a filter and start trying things out, I was wondering if anyone has had some experience with this type of photography? any tips or...
  6. MariaDolore

    IR photography problem

    Hi I have a problem with IR photos. I have a Nikon D7200. When I use my IR-filter and shoot the photos just become regular with a red tone. Not that fantastic like I´ve seen others IR-photos can be. I know i can´t use white balance in auto-mode. Like this for example...
  7. J

    K-mount Film Camera

    I recently bought two used k-mount film cameras (intended for IR film photography), and both managed to be unresponsive (film winder and shutter button). That said, I have 6 good manual focus K-mount lenses, which makes it worth my time to find a k-mount camera rather than starting over. But...
  8. C

    Converting a DSLR to Full Specturm (Infrared)

    After recently acquiring an old Nikon D70s, I decided to delve into the world of infra-red photography. Last year i experimented with putting an IR pass filter on my Sony a6000 kit lens and doing 30s shutters to see what IR only light looked like. As you can expect, the results were...
  9. C

    Stacking color filters for aerochrome 35mm color infrared film.

    I'm taking a last minute trip to Yosemite and I have some aerochrome type film and I was unable to get a true yellow and orange filter to get the proper effects but I do have an 85a and 85b filter my question is if I stack these two filters will I have a true orange or something close to it? I...
  10. P

    Best materials make softbox to diffuse 850nm IR

    I want to make an 850nm ir softbox diffuser, what would be the best materials to use? Since ir goes through materials more than visible light. It will be stationary so I don't mind of the materials are heavier than those used in standard softboxes.