1. Dreaminginanalogue

    My Film Is Being Torn By Sprockets!

    Hey everyone, I recently felt a bit neglectful of my K1000 since I have been shooting and experimenting with my digital set up. I threw a bunch of rolls of film into my bag and headed off to the mountains for day of hiking with it. After about 4 photo's I went to advance the film but it made...
  2. L

    pentax k1000 vs canon ae-1

    hi everyone! im a first time film camera buyer, and i have almost little to no practice with manual mode aside from toying around with manual mode a little on my mirrorless camera i am looking to buy a pentax k1000 for around 130 euros, possibly a little more for shipping, as i have heard it is...
  3. L

    first time film camera buying pentax k1000

    Hi everyone, if anyone can help me, thank you in advance i want to buy a film camera for the first time and at first i have considered buying a point and shoot film camera such as the fujifilm tiara 2 but i decided i want to buy a manual 35mm in an effort to actually study and be able to learn...
  4. DesertFilth

    Film and external flash,night shots?

    What's the proper way for taking night photos with a film camera, I currently have and have been using a pentax k1000 and haven't taken any night photos.Could someone please give me the run down on taking night photos when to use,with and without external flash,I have bought 800 iso film too use...