1. F

    Best decently priced lens for shooting near and far fast action football on 80d for beginner

    Hello all. I am a beginner purchasing a 80d for basically the sole purpose of shooting kids sports also with video. I am looking for recommendations on lens’ to fit my needs for fast action shots. Most of them are from a good distance away. Let’s say 30 yards or so. But I sometimes also like to...
  2. PhOtoSITIVE

    Sunlit Innocence

    Can't figure out how to delete the thread but I can still edit.
  3. gphotos

    The Protector

    A retro Merry-Go-Round ride in a small street fair in Cannes, France. I felt the statue gave a protective feeling, as if it was looking after the kids on the ride. Check out my full portfolio here.
  4. koleks

    Portrait Lights

    Playing with lights. Is cropping to get the frame you like okay? Comments will be very much appreciated. Sony A6000 / 24mm / f2.2 / 1/200s / ISO1000
  5. katsrevenge

    Shooting Kids 'In Situ' C&C?

    I almost never get a chance to shoot people. But I have nephews. Any suggestions to get better ones next time? They don't really sit that still though... and the older one makes faces if he thinks you are going to take his picture... :aufsmaul: 1. 2. 3 4.
  6. katsrevenge

    Kid at Sunset Constructive C&C Welcome

    Took the nephew out bike riding. Thought this looked quite nice. A few minutes later... sans kid. His mother preferred the first one. No idea why.
  7. B

    how to photograph babies/toddlers in a studio setting

    i just got a job in a studio which i have never done. i have never really been around kids and i don't know how to photograph them or talk to them. how do i interact with them or engage them so i can take photos? what do i do to make them sit still or look at me? any tips or tricks?