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  1. K

    FS: Mint Condition Ebony SV810UE - New & Never Used/Displayed Only

    Super Rare, each hand made, Ebony SV810UE. This body has never seen a single sheet of film. It was displayed shortly at a gallery, but has been stored in a pelican case in a temperature controlled workshop otherwise. It has never been outside. The bellows have been maintained and have been...
  2. H

    EPSON Paper, A LOT OF IT! 24" -60" Most rolls are new!!! $900

    I'm selling a bunch of miscellaneous Epson Paper. I'm actually selling more than what's itemized. It's over $3000 worth of Paper. I'd like to get $900 for all of it, but am open to offers. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Thanks. Tom 7one4.61two.5219
  3. H

    Manfrotto Tripod - 161MK2B, Super Clean! Monster! $390

    I’m selling me incredibly clean manfrotto Tripod. I’ve used if less than five times. This thing is a beast. Extends from 17in to almost 9ft!!! An awesome Tripod for large cameras!!! Feel free to ask questions. Thanks. Tom 714.6one2.five219
  4. marcookie

    Re-introducing myself after some 2 years

    Dear forum users, after years of up and downs, the passion for photography is back as it never was. Hopefully here to last. Is great to be out there in the nature again and create some original work. The spark that ignited everything is the concept, the slow pace, the limitations, and the...
  5. D

    Ultra Large Format in-camera shooting for instant "giant polaroid" pinhole photographs

    Is this possible? What I'm trying to do is create a pinhole camera that is portable and can produce a full-sized photograph, hopefully instantly all out in the field without going to a lab. I've researched ilfachrome, cibachrome, positive-positive photo enlargement paper. Are there any...
  6. Vin Le Photography

    Pricing Large Format Canvases

    Hi All, I'm working with a client right now that wants a huge canvas triptych. One 30x40 in the center and two 20x30s on each side. Currently, my 30x40 canvases go for $338 and 20x30 canvases for $180. To me, I feel as though these are more than reasonable prices, especially since I plan on...