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Jan 6, 2021
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Super Rare, each hand made, Ebony SV810UE. This body has never seen a single sheet of film. It was displayed shortly at a gallery, but has been stored in a pelican case in a temperature controlled workshop otherwise. It has never been outside. The bellows have been maintained and have been tested and are hole free and light proof. Very light signs of handling on base titanium from sitting on a tripod and table and where metal rubs against each other on some of the hinges. See pics for all details. You simply wont find a better example of this camera and, of course, they are no longer made. Truly a masterful work of Art.

The 8x10 version of Ebony's classic folding camera. Constructed entirely of quarter-sawn ebony heartwood (SV810UE) and solid titanium. The supple yet durable calfskin bellows are hand-made to Ebony's specifications. The hand-strap is made of genuine cordovan leather.

Ebony cameras with a U in their model designation feature asymmetrical swing and tilt movements on the rear standard. This design facilitates quicker and more accurate implementation of certain types of camera movements.

Asking 13,500 or Trade for an Excellent Condition Rolex Sports Model (Submariner, GMT, etc.)


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