1. J

    No written agreement

    Ok, I did a boudoir photo session a few years ago of a guy. This guy is looking to go into the p**n business, he was also talking about me and him working together. I would take/edit and post the photos while he models, so I assumed it's ok to post the NSFW images we already did to my...
  2. B

    Photography of shoplifter....legalities?

    I had a question that I haven't been able to find anywhere on the Internet. It's kind of a unique situation. Maybe someone on here might have some insight.There's this clothing store that has a security guard on staff and he has his private cell phone; he takes pictures of customers... omes that...
  3. washington

    Legal Question - Photographing scenic view on private property

    Hey all, I am curious on what laws are in place for photographing a scenic view (publicly) from a private property. (View out of a hotel window.) Will I need permission to sell the image from the place I took the photo from? Im not photographing anything on the private property, simply...
  4. T

    Legal Question

    Hi, I had a question I'm sure someone here knows the answer to: Am I legally allowed to take a picture of a restaurant or bar's sign from a public street, and then sell it printed as a matted photo or on a coaster? I will not be trying to license the photos to be published. I am assuming the...
  5. KAmorphous

    Wrong Forum: Disregard.

    Sorry, wrong forum, guys. I thought this was a professional photographer community. I was directed here, but I was looking for Photographer's forum magazine.
  6. valeriemartinphotography

    Business Name

    Hi All - I have been an aspiring pet photographer for some time now and have noticed that someone else has the same business name Valérie Martin Photography (which is my full name). The only difference is I put an accent on the "e" in my name since I am French. I am wondering if I would down the...
  7. footballfan993

    Doesn't have to do w/ photography, but still important.

    So, I don't know if this is the right area, but the description of this thread does include legal advice. This doesn't have anything to do wit photography, but still has to do with copyrights, but for video games. Well today I got an email from my internet service provider (ISP), Charter...