lens flare

  1. D7K

    Removing flare effectively..

    I've used a few ways to try and reduce flare or remove it without trashing the stars or making it look obviously edited, has anyone got any tips in PS / LR that may be useful for removing flare? To be honest I don't "hate" it, but I know that some people do...
  2. B

    Cause of this lens flare and "fog"? Also, advice for shooting the moon.

    Hey everyone, I am new here, just now registered to ask this question. I bought my first proper DSLR 6 months back, and have been using it mainly for video, though I have done some photography, mostly just to practice techniques and familiarize myself with the camera. I wouldn't call myself a...
  3. photo1x1.com

    Who likes backlighting and lens flare?

    I sometimes wonder what people think about "new" trends. Recently lens flares are all over the place. On printed media, in the web, tv, everywhere. I myself like that style and I think it pushes some additional life into pictures. I don´t go as far as removing my lens from the body to let some...