Who likes backlighting and lens flare?

Do you like to shoot right at the sun at sunset?

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Sep 14, 2016
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I sometimes wonder what people think about "new" trends. Recently lens flares are all over the place. On printed media, in the web, tv, everywhere. I myself like that style and I think it pushes some additional life into pictures. I don´t go as far as removing my lens from the body to let some light in from the sides, but I sometimes even like to emphasize the flare that is already there.
How about you? Which one do you like best?



Ok. Seriously no. I am not really interested in the fotm type of photography.
Or anything in life for that matter.

When everyone else zigs I like to zag.
No. I find the hot spots from flare distracting, especially in the first shot; they pull attention away from the child.
Sometimes I like it and I have used it. However, it's a portrait trend that can be annoying when overused or used poorly, like overly shallow dof. I prefer the shots where the flare is more subtle and doesn't obscure the subject.
Sometime i like it,it adds some flare to the image:1247: In the above images I think the flare is way over powering particularly in the first.
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Perhaps a bit out in left field, but I find anything in the frame that does not promote the original plot, has to go regardless of its cuteness or the force of its impact. If it isn't pushing the theme forward, the plot stagnates where it sits. The shot is of a child on a swing having a good time. The lens flare is not doing squat to promote the exuberance the child is experiencing, thus it needs to go.
I love a good lens flare once in a while. If it suits the subject and doesn't overpower said subject, it can be a powerful ally.
It has its place. At times (see Gary A.'s stage shots above) the flaring light-creating object actually is a part of the scene, and it makes 100% sense. Outdoors, many times backlighting creates natural, expected flaring. On some subjects,flaring can add an aura of femininity, delicateness, liveliness, etc.. Some lenses create a lot of flare, others much less so. There is an entire type of photography,contre jour or against the light photography, where at times, flare is expected and welcomed.

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