low key

  1. nerwin

    Low key lighting with Luke (my cat)

    I saw my cat, Luke sitting in the sunlight for a whole 60 seconds for me to take these pictures and thought it would be a good idea to do some natural low key lighting.
  2. k.udhay

    A recent work of mine that I love a lot!

    This one has become a favorite of my recent shots. There is an interesting story behind this. This photo was a random shot. The bride had just completed her make-up and was about to start to the marriage hall. On her side I noted my partner holding a softbox. I was impressed with the profile of...
  3. k.udhay

    Cake smash idea - Backdrop theme

    Hi. I am thinking of using a dark coloured theme (kind of low key) for one of my client's cake smash shoots. Here is my plan: 1. The backdrop will be probably the 'DM-197' in this link: https://goo.gl/cZRE3K [Mild green with grey textures] 2. The floor of client's home is of white shiny...