manual focus

  1. K

    New to Lensbaby

    Hi everyone, I'm in Australia and first heard about Lensbaby lenses last year. I got a Velvet 56 from my husband as a combined birthday/Christmas present, although it took 4 months to finally arrive. So now I'm learning to use it. Not being a natural manual lens user there is a learning curve...
  2. P

    NIKKOR AF-S Micro 40mm. Autofocus problem

    The lens itself is very good. I use it with the Nikon D3100 to do a lot of timelapse of flowers opening. That's from bud to fully open flower. A single session can take several hours so everything gets bolted down solid in a quiet room with no disturbance. Not much latitude for focal-depth so...
  3. TWX

    10-22mm EFS seems to be autofocus even when set manual

    So, not sure how widespread this is. I picked up a cheap 10-22mm EFS, other day when I set the switch to manual focus, it still seems to be autofocusing. Since it's full time manual focus override this isn't a massive problem, but certainly is an annoying quirk. Anyone else see this in this...
  4. N

    Tokina SZ-X 24-70mm MF lens

    From time to time I like to browse through my local thrift shops and pawn brokers to see if something interesting might pop up that I can adapt and use with my Sony mirrorless. Recently came across a Tokina SZ-X 24-70mm 1:3.5-4.8 in what appears to be a reasonable condition, but I cannot find...
  5. k.udhay

    Focusing on the subject while taking a wide angle shot

    I have a D3200 camera with 18-105 mm lens. Yesterday I tried shooting a couple in a wide angle frame (18 mm focal length). This is my general practice when I take a shot wider than 80mm: 1. Switch to manual focus 2. Zoom to 105 mm 3. Focus on the eyes of the subject 4. Zoom back to desires FL...
  6. pixmedic

    Pentax shooters? anyone? got something for ya

    I thought about buying an adapter for this and using it on my fuji cameras, but given my proclivity for manual focusing, i figured it was never really likely to happen. any Pentax shooters around that aren't put off by manual focus? its pretty clean, 8 bladed aperture that works fine, mount...