1. bell

    Merida Mexico with Samsung Glaxy S10 +

    The entire trip was shot with my cell phone. Even the AV was made through my cell phone. I edit my shots in Snapseed app. The best app. Video located at YouTube link.. I would love to hear your comments. It does not need to be always positive. :)
  2. r0r5ch4ch

    A golden walk

    Hi, one of the beautiful churches of Puebla/Mexico. This is located near Zocalo. A golden walk by Tobias Zimmermann, auf Flickr
  3. A

    3 years around the world

    hello I am traveling around the world for 3 years and have decided to setup a photo gallery and document my journey. I am in process to upload each location and 15 locations uploaded so far. I am also in process to write some information to each picture. the uploaded locations are: Costa...
  4. Ariadna VEA


    Hellooo! My name is Ariadna, Im 24 years old, Im from Mexico and Im new! not only here, but also in the photography world, I have a PADI Diving Scuba Certification, I really really want to dedicate my self to the underwater photography, I also have the certification for this. But im still...