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Oct 24, 2015
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My name is Ariadna, Im 24 years old, Im from Mexico and Im new! not only here, but also in the photography world, I have a PADI Diving Scuba Certification, I really really want to dedicate my self to the underwater photography, I also have the certification for this. But im still missing an important part of the equipment, the housing. I did a few shots with a point and shoot. But its not the same.

Im still learning, everyday, I have a few friends that help me, and that take me with them to practice, every once in a while I get a good shoot! I recently opened a facebok page VEA Photography (If you want to, feel free to check it out and comment, all the constructive comments are welcome ;) haha) the picture I uploaded was taken at a Mezcaleria in Veracruz,Mexico.

Im not really interested on the whole commercial photography world (You know, weddings and models). I actually enjoy just traveling and taking my camera with me, but I know that if I want to dedicate to underwater photo, Im probably going to have to take photos of tourist and all of that, but well.. Its part of the path isnt it?

I want to meet and talk to people that enjoy photography, I have a lot of doubts. And like I said before there are a lot of things to learn haha But in exchange I can also be a good listener and friend.

Hasta pronto!


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Welcome. The housings can be pricey.

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Hi, I was looking at a housing for my 7D one time, they can get pretty expensive. Plus I'm so paranoid that I will get the one defective one, lol. Underwater photography does sound fun though. I have seen some amazing underwater shots. Welcome to TPF, this is a fun place with tons of great info!

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