milky way

  1. BasilFawlty

    My first Milky Way Panorama

    I have taken several Milky Way photos with moderate success, but had never tried doing a Milky Way Pano - until now. Yesterday me an my son went camping because I wanted to attempt a MW pano. Had to get up at 4AM to do this shoot, which I had planned ahead of time with Photopills. Started...
  2. photoflyer

    Skyline Drive, Milky Way, Jupiter, Moonlit Mountains

    Headed up to the Skyline Drive and got this. Canon R6, ISO 12800, F 9.0 @ 30 seconds. Canon EF 24-105 F 4 L Mark II @ 24mm miunted piggyback on a Celestron Altitude Azimuth tracking mount. Jupiter is the "starburst" upper left and Saturn is above and left of of it. The moon was rising to...
  3. Destin

    Anyone seen E.T.?

    I've been looking for a spot with a clean south facing horizon line for a while for my Milky Way photos.. I have lots of silhouette ideas. Finally found a location and had conditions line up, so I took this photo last night. It's just missing E.T. Fuji X-T3 with 10-24 f/4. Settings: 13.8mm...
  4. D7K

    Milky Way over Bezbog Lake

    Bezbog - Directly translates to "Without God" This is shot in near black dark after we returned from the hike; I'm not super happy with the noise in this one, but I love the shot and think the lake and mountain range offers a little depth. Thoughts? D850 - 14-24 2.8 @ 14mm, F/2.8 - ISO1600 -...
  5. D7K

    Milky Way Above Pirin

    So this past weekend we were stuck for plans, Decided to escape the city again and planned to climb Polezhan peak in Pirin (2850m) to watch the sunset across the Pirin Mountain Range, Coupled with that, my photopills informed me that on that evening there would be a 0.4% moon, we checked the...
  6. BasilFawlty

    My First Attempt with StarGuider Pro

    I've only shot a couple of Milky Way shots in the past, but had to keep shutter speed low enough so as not to cause start trails. Those pictures came out so-so. Then I bought the StarGuider Pro and a few days ago made my first attempt to shoot the Milkyway using the StarGuider to track the...
  7. nerwin

    Milky Way - First attempt with the XT2

    I stepped outside before heading to bed and noticed how clear the sky was. I ran inside, grabbed the camera and tripod. I haven't done any milky way shots with the XT2 yet. I was surprised how well it actually handled it, if I had a faster lens like the XF16mm 1.4, I could've got better shots...
  8. Morten Berg


    This time-lapse video explores the incredible landscapes of Norway. This was a six year long project and showcases my best moments from some of Norway’s most famous nature attractions. From the beautiful fjords to breathtaking views from spectacular and high mountain peaks. I have also included...
  9. birdbonkers84

    First time photographing the stars

    1. Milky way by Mark Coull, on Flickr 2. Milky way by Mark Coull, on Flickr 3. 4881_2-4881 by Mark Coull, on Flickr 4. Milky way madness 2 by Mark Coull, on Flickr Hadn't planned to do this, but noticed all the stars were out where I was staying outside Aviemore. SO popped out at 1015pm...
  10. C

    Shooting the Milky Way on film?

    Is this even possible? Examples? Tips? I shoot 35mm and will be soon spending time in Grand Teton, Yellowstone, and Glacier NP's.
  11. nerwin

    Midnight Milky Way

    I've been struggling with my photography lately, like not being inspired to shoot and last night when I was looking at the sky before I go to bed, I noticed how super clear it was and decided to stay up a little longer to capture this. I know it isn't perfect, but each time I do it, the better...
  12. TreeofLifeStairs

    Milky Way at Dinosaur Point

    I took this at Dinosaur Point in California. It's about as far away from the city lights I could get in about an hour's drive. It was a new moon that evening and there was a meteor shower going on. Although I did see a lot of shooting stars, none of them were captured. The foreground is a...