1. BasilFawlty

    My first Milky Way Panorama

    I have taken several Milky Way photos with moderate success, but had never tried doing a Milky Way Pano - until now. Yesterday me an my son went camping because I wanted to attempt a MW pano. Had to get up at 4AM to do this shoot, which I had planned ahead of time with Photopills. Started...
  2. BasilFawlty

    Rokinon 14mm f2.8 - the perfect budget lens for stars?

    When I decided to try my hand at Milkyway photography, of course I knew I needed a relatively fast wide-angle lens for my Canon 6D. After a lot of research, and considering price, I ended up buying a Rokinon 14mm f2.8, used on eBay, for just $239. This lens isn't perfect, but for the money I...
  3. Oliver232

    Milky Way in Switzerland

    It is not one photo, but made by 30'000 photos. My video time lapse of the Milky Way in Switzerland. It took me 17 sleepless nights and 200 hours of editing and music search. Hope you like it.
  4. Oliver232


    Hi Thanks for letting me join the forum. Last december I took my firsts timelapse. I randomy got some nice moving stars on it. Since then I became a passionate Milkyway-Timelapser. I would like to discuss some single photos of the timelapse here. Cheers