1. F

    How can I tell what lens mounts these lenses are?

    Hello! I'm a camera newbie just getting into both film and digital photography. My uncle has recently gifted me a bunch of lenses that he had but he never knew what cameras they belonged to. He basically said, "here you could probably figure out what kind of camera these are for" and gave them...
  2. J

    What converter should I buy for this Spiratone lens?

    So I recently bought an old lens for quite cheap at a thrift store (the specs on the sides say "Spiratone 1:5.6 f=300mm Mirror Lens No.8300968 ø72 Minitel-S Plura-Coat"), and it appears to be built for SLR cameras rather than my Canon Rebel. I've done some research and it appears that a t-ring...
  3. MVPernula

    Canon 5D classic died on me

    Hello forum! I was on a very nice hiking trip this past week. My main system is a Sony A7ii with some native glass but also some adapted Canon lenses (Sigma MC-11). For this trip I decided to get a cheap camera, full frame, to go with the glass I already own and the 5D classic was, to me, a...
  4. D

    Help Identify this Ball Head please

    I can't seem to find any info on this anywhere. Would like to see if anyone might know the Make, Model, Manufacturer, Year, Value or any other information about this one. Thank you for any info or leads you can provide.