1. NGH

    Good morning!

    Don't know why I never joined this site before but here I am now. I'm a an amateur of about 30 years since getting my first SLR (a brick of a Zenit). I recent years I have become a bit of a collector mostly using Voigtländers due to a hand me down from my father. I use both film and digital...
  2. K

    Hello!! Kind Of New ...Kind of Not

    Hello, Im Kay from Florida. I have been enjoying photography as a hobby on and off for a while now. Im back on. I want to learn more. I shoot with a D90 and a 50mm 1.8 (eventually expanding) Below is the link to my current portfolio. I have mostly shot family and friends and my own children in...
  3. HPstudios

    Greetings From Portland OR

    Hi Forum Members. I've been a Pro (getting paid) photographer for about 6 years and love the craft. Currently getting back into film, for fun. I'd love to get to know peeps here and help if I can and share what I know. Happy Shooting everyone! Hayes