newbie question

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    How much does Canon 1000D costs?

    Hi everyone, quite new to photography but I want to upgrade to the newer camera, I have an old 1000D, so I want to sell it first. How much it costs? I know it's a 2008 model, which explains why I can't find an actual price for this thing.
  2. L

    pentax k1000 vs canon ae-1

    hi everyone! im a first time film camera buyer, and i have almost little to no practice with manual mode aside from toying around with manual mode a little on my mirrorless camera i am looking to buy a pentax k1000 for around 130 euros, possibly a little more for shipping, as i have heard it is...
  3. M

    17-50 or 18-35 for natural light photography

    So yesterday I posted a thread about wanting a 24-70 the typical favorite lens. Well after further research and comments I have come to conclude that my camera body might be to small for it and the crop factor will be effected. Now I have been looking at DX lens instead of FX because...