nikon d5300

  1. H

    Which camera kit to buy for 500-600 euros ?

    So I want to buy an entry level dslr . My budget is from 500-600 euros and i have some options . One of them is a nikon d5300 with a 18-55mm , a 55-200mm , a tripod and a case for 550 euros . A nikon d3500 with a 18-55mm lene and a 70-300mm AF-P DX VR for 450 euros Then both the canon 2000d...
  2. S

    Nikon D3400 v. D5300 for a beginner?

    Hello, I'm just getting into photography and purchased the Nikon D3400 camera. I liked the guide mode and how easy it is to use starting out. I'm a little worried I'll grow out of the camera quickly as I learn more. I'm still within my refund period, is it worth spending as extra $120 for the...
  3. T

    Nikon D5300 video, get a Sony a6000?

    PROBLEM guys. I've been a longtime user of Sony a3000 (mirrorless) and I decided to get a DSLR, the Nikon D5300 with the kit lens. But, I was very disappointed by the low light video, with it being very underexposed. In Sony a3000 despite the high noise (which was a result of the sensor's low...
  4. Pitchingace88

    Amateur < $750 Budget Summary

    Hello to all, Background: For me, I've taken photography classes and really enjoyed the art form, but never focused on it as I didn't have the steady income to warrant quality over my phone as I was taking pictures of destinations/family that I would upload to Facebook. All that is going to...