nikon d750

  1. P

    Which do you recommend?

    Hi Guys, my Nikon D7000 has broken (sd card readers on side broke) so I’m going to look at a new camera instead as I was going to upgrade anyway! Now my delimma is the fact I’ve researched it a bit too much a few cameras have caught my eye. I’ll be using the camera as business - work in baby...
  2. YourLipsMyLipsApocalypse

    Is this a good deal?

    I'm getting a used nikon D750. It has a shutter count of 25,000 and it's being sold for $1400. Is this is a good deal? Or should I spend the extra $500 on a new one?
  3. YourLipsMyLipsApocalypse

    Tamron 24-70 f/2.8 or Nikon 24-120mm VR Lens

    Which would work best for portraits and wedding photography on the Nikon D750? I'm torn.
  4. J

    Fujifilm or Nikon, mirrorless or dslr?

    hi guys, this is a long thread but I hope you'll find it interesting enough to read it all ;-). About a week ago I chose a secondhand fujifilm x-t2 and a 35mm f2 over a Nikon d500. The problem is that I'm second guessing my choice even though the x-t2 is amazing. I would like to hear your...
  5. D

    Oil spots on my new Nikon D750 sensor. Anyone with the same problem?

    After 6 months and 10k shots, my D750 sensor have more than 100 oil spots (I shot landscapes at f11 and they are very noticeable), mainly distributed along the right side of the sensor (when seeing a photo). I never changed my 28-300 and this is absolutely abnormal to me. I owned a Canon 60D for...
  6. goattobekidding

    Equine Photography - Which camera/lens kit will do the job?

    Hey all. I'm brand new and happy to be here. I look forward to all of your advice, as I know I'm exactly where I ought to be. Here's the situation: I am looking to get into professional equine photography. I've owned and worked with horses majority of my life, have taken a few photography...