I believe this sign was spotted in Manhattan, but I love the beautifully lit view of the restaurant in Brooklyn Heights, and have taken a few photographs of the restaurant.
  2. Comedy Cellar

    Comedy Cellar

    Taken during a Greenwich Village visit
  3. G


    I must have eight versions of this. This was my 2 color experiment. Brooklyn Bridge and NYC Skyline from Brooklyn Park. It was actually full daylight. This was post processing.
  4. G

    Under The Steel Arches

    Riverside Drive Viaduct Bridge
  5. E

    First shots with A9 in NYC

    I have owned numerous Nikon DSLR over 8 years. The last Nikon was a D810. It became an extension of my eyes and hands, it was very easy to use and adjust to capture the perfect photo. I specialize in motor sports photography and I need a camera with a fast shooting speed, accurate AF and good...
  6. G

    Williamsburg Bridge Sunset!

    Love chasing twilight time for clouds and sunset coming through. Challenging to hold the exposure correctly here so sometimes I bracket.
  7. Oliver232

    New York City night timelapse

    Hi, I just finished my newest video, I traveled 2 times to NYC and took 33'000 photos. I used a Canon EOS R, 5D Mark IV and 6D. I hope you like it.
  8. E

    first gig shooting at a music festival

    Hello All! I just got into photography about 6 months ago. My friend is dj'ing a music festival and he was able to bring me along to shoot his set. I know i probably wont be allowed on stage when the headlining dj comes on,so I'm not hoping for that.I should able to get good picks from the pit...
  9. gphotos

    Sky Full of Ads

    Times Square, late afternoon. I was blessed with cloudy skies which is something I never complain about. Check out my full portfolio here.
  10. G


    Couple photos from a trip last summer. NYC NYC NYC
  11. D-B-J

    I Visited NYC for Two Days... Here's What I Shot!! :)

    Miniature; that's how I felt in the city. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday of this week in NYC with my Uncle Todd. We walked a lot, ate like kings, drank a bit, saw a lot, and had an awesome visit. I don't get to the city often, so it as nice to be able to go with someone who knows so much about...