1. A

    Coffee Bag Photography

    Need some help with product photography! I got a gig shooting coffee beans and coffee bags, expecting them to be filled bags one would buy in the store. Instead, I received flat, unfilled bags with the coffee beans in separate ziplock bags. Is this normal? Did someone on their team make a...
  2. Vin Le Photography

    Boutique Print Packaging

    Hi! So, I'm slowly inching my way into the photography industry and there are SO many more things that go into it than I thought, which is actually really exciting to me! Here's one of those things: I want to start using boutique packaging for my prints. The problem I'm facing is that I can't...
  3. A

    Refurbished Nikons

    Those who have ordered refurbished cameras directly from Nikon, can you please tell me what your boxes look like or how they came? I'm looking to buy a Nikon D5500 kit from someone on Craigslist that says they have a sealed refurbished box that they bought directly from the Nikon factory. How...