1. P

    Samsung Galaxy S8+ Pictures & Videos, Comments Welcome!

    I've recently started dipping my toes into the world of simple smartphone photography and videography, been using some different styles and techniques in my recent trip to Okinawa Japan. Glad to share some of my trials and errors in this thread for your comments to improve my skills for the...
  2. NGH

    Following a rabbit hole to see how far will it go ...what is "real"?

    Not positive this is the right place for this, considered 'The Coffee House' but that seems a little too scary a place for a newbie like me. I pondered this week while eating my turkey wrap about the most recent raft of camera phone technology. I was thinking about how real things have to be...
  3. Gridiron Victoria: Sam Kelly

    Gridiron Victoria: Sam Kelly

    Gridiron Victoria: Sam Kelly
  4. KalitheArtist

    Galaxy S7 Pro Mode

    I just got the galaxy s7, (not the edge), and I have got to say it is absolutely fabulous to have! It's got a pro mode where you can set the white balance, the aperture, ISO, and shutter speed! It's got effects as well. Matrix, center-weighted, or spot metering! Multi-AF or center. I am in love...
  5. redbourn

    Lighting and the complexity

    Many people have, and are helping me with lighting with my camera shots. And also with many of the basics. This is just a snapshot taken a couple of hours ago with my phone. Just look at all the lighting stuff going on here. Took it late tonight, downtown. Portugal is very safe! Maybe...
  6. redbourn

    Cameras phones and frustration

    It's so much more difficult to shoot with a camera and lighting. Than with a phone. Not even sure anymore which of these two photos is better. They were shot a day apart. You kind of go blind with them after playing for a while, or I do anyway. To me, some things look better in one and some in...
  7. redbourn

    My phone shots often look better than my camera ones.

    I have a Nikon D330o - a softbox, a wide angle lens, reflector and a gray card. But so often snapshots on my phone look better than with all my equipment. This photo, shot on my phone, under overhead fluorescent lighting, and on a shiny wood table would most likely have had all kinds of...
  8. P

    Photography Ideas

    Hello everybody, I want everyone here to share some photo ideas that can be done at home. I hope everybody will like this thread. Share your ideas down! :) :)
  9. redbourn

    I wish I had my daughter's talent ..

    I don't know how my youngest daughter does this with a phone ?! Her Nikon camera was stolen. No lighting equipment used, no photoshop or lightroom etc. Uploaded to FB straight from her phone! I have audio talent but would love her visual talent too !
  10. redbourn

    A phone vs a camera

    I have a relatively good Nikon camera D3300, lenses, a new softbox and lighting equipment but I continue to prefer photos that I shoot with my phone, Something has to do with the ease that you can move a phone. There is obviously more and I will understand it. The tomatoes are an old...