1. B

    Pinhole + expired film

    Hi there! I've been shooting only digital for many years and I'm very rusty on film, but I recovered a handmade pinhole camera ( made of cardboard! f should be about 180) and I found some old film rolls I haven't used yet, Ilford D100 and D400 Professional (black and white 120) expired in 1998...
  2. TWX

    Home, Sweet Home

    Canon EOS 77D, Pinhole, 3 second shutter, ISO100. Scaled 50% for forum, otherwise straight out of the camera.
  3. DennyN

    A few pinholes

    These are a few of my first pinhole pics. Equipment Minolta x370 SLR, 0.30mm & 0.24mm pinhole caps, tripod and shutter release cable. Film Fuji 400 color. Minimal post processing, had to clone out some dust and hairs. All were taken in the Greater Cleveland area. My next ones need to be black...
  4. D

    Ultra Large Format in-camera shooting for instant "giant polaroid" pinhole photographs

    Is this possible? What I'm trying to do is create a pinhole camera that is portable and can produce a full-sized photograph, hopefully instantly all out in the field without going to a lab. I've researched ilfachrome, cibachrome, positive-positive photo enlargement paper. Are there any...
  5. K

    Personal Project using pinhole photography. Feedback appreciated

    In this project, I use pinhole photography to explore perspective and to raise the question of whether inanimate objects see and if they could, what do they see? Follow the link below to two photo books I have made Your thoughts on the ideas presented as well as feedback on the photography will...
  6. R

    How to use Holga Pinhole Lens on Nikon D7000 DSLR

    I bought a Holga Pinhole Lens for Nikon DSLR. I attached it to my Nikon D7000 as described in the manual, set my camera to Manual, and the selection wheel to S (shutter preference). Camera is switched on, lenscaps have been removed. I should be able to set the shutter time with the wheel at the...